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You’re taking the first steps towards advancing your education – you’ve got the drive, the determination and the end goal in mind. 

If art education seems extremely expensive and inaccessible, that's because it often is. The estimated Tuition cost of a BFA at premiere Art Schools ranges between $33000-39000 per year (according to the US Department of Education). On top of tuition, the estimated cost of attendance for these programs (rooms, boarding, transportation and academic fees) can cost up to $40,000.


CGMA believes these costs are nothing but a barrier that discourages artists from reaching their full potential. In most, if not all, Art & Design industries, you do not need a college degree to land a solid job in well-known studios. Instead, employers look for developed portfolios and valued skillsets, NOT college degrees.

As an alternative to a college degree, CGMA's courses are competitively priced and range between $499 – $998 per course , while tracks range between $6000- $10,000. This educational experience builds out your portfolio and gives you real skills needed by employers so you're prepared for the jobs you want.

Our courses are offered in an online learning environment with personalized feedback from industry professionals, along with live Q&A sessions, one-year extended access to course content, and individual course Certificates of Completion. Our dedicated Admissions and Academic Advising teams offer complimentary portfolio reviews and ongoing support to help you reach your goals. For more information on how you can finance your education, please reach out to us at 1 800 959-0316 or take a look at our tuition aid page for additional resources. 



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