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Designers create the world we live in. CGMA gives them the tools and skills they need to do just that.

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Quality Art Education For All

Over a decade ago, a group of industry professionals and educators noticed that recent graduates, coming from top art schools, weren't actually prepared for the realities of the Art & Design industry. Yet without a training alternative, young creatives had to choose between spending a fortune on a degree or teaching themselves everything. CGMA was created to end this cycle once and for all through affordable, accessible, and relevant art education.


CGMA Courses Are For Everyone.

CGMA's industry-relevant courses are for everyone. Our students include high schoolers, hobbyists, young creatives looking for traditional-art-school alternatives, and seasoned professionals looking to sharpen their craft with the latest skills, tech, and workflows. 

Whatever you need to accomplish your goals, whether it's two classes or 20, CGMA gives you the tools you need to design your own path.


From one-on-one training from Art & Design's top professionals to unique, industry-relevant course content, you can leverage CGMA's training to gain the tools you need to make your mark on the world.

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