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Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix are looking for artists like you.

The need for content has been higher than ever with competing streaming platforms spending billions on original content. Amazon’s increase in its video budget continues the trend of internet companies entering the media business in a big way. Netflix is expected to spend as much as $8 billion on video content this year, while Facebook dips its toes in the water with a $1 billion total. Last year Amazon was estimated to have spent north of $4 billion on content. With thousands of original programs spread across these platforms, there has got to be people behind the scenes making all this happen. With a loose budget of $10 billion for programming and Marketing, Netflix is looking to grow their internal studio, Netflix Studios, by recruiting the best artists Hollywood has to offer. Their strategy is simple; hire the people that can do the job. And if they’re currently working at a studio, drive up their pay to motivate the switch. This shift is in response to the company’s goals to provide more content to drive more subscriptions. This is reflected in the most recent partnership with Dreamworks Animation Television with over 15 projects in fruition currently. So, why does this matter to you? These studios are looking for motivated artists to expand their library of animated series’ and VFX-heavy productions. CGMA is providing the tools and resources such as relevant industry-standard curriculum and access to the knowledge of master artists to help you land your dream job. You can catch CGMA instructor Brent Noll, teaching Foundation in Modern 2D Animation this Fall, in the credits of Netflix original Trollhunters. Students enrolled in Brent’s new animation course will learn everything there is to know about the professional production pipeline he employs as an Animation Production Artist. This is just one example of what we believe to be the true value of CGMA, you’re learning from the industry’s best. From adult animation series’ to thrillers in space, Netflix is looking for artists like you. Create work that’s impossible to overlook by requesting a portfolio review for appropriate course placement. Our courses are accessible in over 75 countries with payment plan options available. Artists also receive 1-year access to content even after the course has ended. All requests for information on registration, courses, and employer-sponsored education can be made via phone at 1-800-959-0316 or [email protected]. Sources: Netflix Eyeing Total Of About 700 Original Series in 2018 Todd Spangler - https://variety.com/2018/digital/news/netflix-700-original-series-2018-1202711940/ Netflix's Talent-poaching Strategy: Pay 'em Double | Produced By Advertising Publications Anousha Sakoui - https://www.seattletimes.com/explore/careers/netflixs-talent-poaching-strategy-pay-em-double/ Hulu Ceo Heckles Netflix on Content Spending: 'it's How You Spend That Is Really Important' Chloe Aiello - https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/19/hulu-ceo-heckles-netflix-on-content-spending.html Amazon Expected To Spend $5 Billion On Video Content This Year https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/315055/amazon-expected-to-spend-5-billion-on-video-conte.html