Max Pears

Max Pears

Level Designer


Max Pears is a Senior Level Designer who has worked on a range of titles over the years, from mobile to augmented reality and now AAA where he currently resides. Max has worked in some of the biggest studios from around the world from Ubisoft to currently CD PROJEKT RED. With over eight years of experience, he is most known for his work on the Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise, where he worked on multiple titles in the franchise as well as now currently releasing Cyberpunk 2077. Max also has a passion for helping others and making sure the level design community grows.

  • Xavier Lleonart

    Really appreciate all the feedback, it’s been clear and concise. It’s been really helpful knowing what parts of my design need more work, and how to improve them.

  • Sofia Romualdo

    Max is a star! His feedback was always thoughtful, constructive and useful.