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Maarten Hermans

Concept Artist

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Maarten Hermans is a freelance concept artist based in Belgium. His work mainly focuses on environment and vehicle design with believability and functionality at its center. Tackling both realistic and stylized designs, he uses an array of techniques ranging from traditional sketching to fully detailed 3D models. He currently works for One Pixel Brush and The Mill and has worked with clients such as EA, Epic Games, Turtlerock studios, Oculus and various other productions. He has over seven years of face to face teaching experience in the field and in his free time, he works on his personal IP “MARV".


[Maarten is] honest, encouraging, and just as excited about the subject as we are. The class often feels empowering as a result.


Maarten is absolutely awesome as a teacher…. Always so accurate with his feedbacks and humorous in his class.