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Jon Krummel

CG Environment Artist

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With over 20 years in the animation industry, Jon has worked on a wide variety of projects, including architectural visualizations , television motion graphics, commercials, feature films, shorts, and theme park rides. Jon found that working in environments is an amazing challenge. Whether it was setting up procedurals for a huge cityscape, building a vegetation library for a show, or modeling a single prop, it's all problem solving. Jon is always amazed that from a single polygonal cube, you can create an entire universe. All you need is patience and a sense of wonder. "It's like a giant puzzle that changes every day and I love it." - Jon


The course helped answer many questions I had coming in, both about the industry and about MAYA. I learned new ways to model things that I wouldn’t have been able to before.


Oh, Im so happy that someone so experienced like him gave me feedback. Plus he is a great person with passion about sharing 3D modelling/ texturing tips.