Jason Brown

Jason Brown

Senior Creature Modeler


Jason Brown has worked in the vfx industry for 15 years; 12 of those years were in the film/tv industry where he specialized as a creature modeler. Jason started his career in London where he spent ten years working at MPC, The Mill and Milk-vfx before moving to Vancouver with Double Negative. After four years, he left to join the great ILM. A few highlights of his career include Creating the ghosts for GhostBusters Afterlife, Concepting Carnage’s weapons for Venom 2, working on the king of monsters himself- Godzilla and winning the 2013 Broadcast TECH Young Talent Award.

  • Travis

    I felt Jason did an awesome job and it was an amazing course.

  • Olga

    Jason was very nice, helpful and knowledgeable.