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Emiel Sleegers

Lead Environment Artist

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Emiel Sleegers is a Lead Environment Artist and the owner of FastTrackStudio. With over 8 years of experience within the AAA game industry he is mostly seen as a Environment & Material artist and also as a tutor within the 3D game art space. Having worked for Companies like Playground Games (Forza Horizon 3) and Ubisoft Entertainment (The Division + DLC) Next to this he is currently the lead of his own studio where he mostly focuses on creating learning content (via FastTrackTutorials) And working for various clients like Adobe, MSI, Artstation, Shutterstock, TeamLiquid, Vertex School and more.


Emiel was simply perfect. He is easy to listen to, he has a mountain of knowledge, he teaches really well, doesn't overwhelm with too much information. I would personally prefer the course to be 2 or 4 weeks longer and taught exclusively by Emiel.


The instructor was great and delivered what was promised of the class. Besides this, it was great to received feedback from someone with so much experience in the industry.