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Chris Flynn

Senior 3D Lead Artist

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After working across all aspects in the 3D Industry for many years, Chris now happily resides with Dekogon Studios as a Senior 3D Lead Artist. Chris has been in the 3D industry for 12 years working on films, games, vr and mobile. Initially Chris was a business major ... however, during his schooling Chris had the very fortunate opportunity to work at SquareUSA where he was introduced to the incredibly captivating 3D film and animation industry. Chris quickly pivoted his education goals and switched to studying 3D Digital Animation and Gaming. After graduating from the University of Hawaii, Chris worked as a 3D Modeler/compositor on the hit tv series "Lost". Chris then pursued mobile gaming and VR simulations in Canada. Shortly after Chris decided to join Dekogon, one of the gaming industries top outsource company. Most recently Chris won the Platinum MarCom 2020 Awards with a real-time marketing VR Tour for Eavor Solutions (Business on Camera). Some of Chris's work includes working and leading on large scale AAA titles such as Scavengers, Crayta, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Enemy on Board, Remnant 2, Sierra 7, Empire of Sin and many more!


Intro to Unreal 5


Chris is a great teacher who was always very positive and encouraging, and gave helpful feedback.


Chris was an absolutely amazing instructor. You can tell he is a very nice guy who is passionate about what he does.


Chris was great. I'm glad he's not only close with the Clinton, but shares the same overall passion for the industry.