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Ashley Adams

Character Artist

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Ashley Adams graduated from Sheridan College in 2015 with a BA of Animation and a strong foundation in traditional art before moving into the 3D animation industry. One of her first character driven experiences being in-studio at Arc Productions working on Disney's Elena of Avalor which led to working at Tangent on the Netflix film Next Gen. Since then she has had experience in freelance concept sculpting work for projects such as A Tale Dark and Grimm, Magic the Gathering, and is currently working with Spinmasters R&D team.


Intro to ZBrush


She is amazing! I'm really happy to have signed up with Ashley, her feedback was very constructive and supportive and I really appreciated that as a beginner.


Ashley was extremely thorough in her answers to questions and feedback advice, as well as in providing links to external resources related to the questions and feedback.


Just awesome. So many tips and even if a question couldn't be answered in the live QnA -they were for sure answered in the class questions afterwards. Provided great and useful feedback. Great explanations, nice, helpful, etc.


Ashley is the most inspiring Zbrush mage! Her live QAs are super fun and get us hyped about trying something new in the software and in our designs! Found my love for Zbrush with her demos and feedback and hope to learn more :D


She did it perfectly. I dare to say that she very experienced with speaking in public. I'm not just glad to go through the course under her guidance, I am proud of it.