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Jared Sobotta

Principal Environment Texture Artist

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"Give it your own touch instead of just copying a photo, or piece of concept art."

Jared Sobotta is an Principal Environment Texture Artist at Naughty Dog. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Game Art from Fullsail University. After graduating early in 2012 he moved around the US working full time and contract as an environment artist and lighting/TD at studios including Bio Ware, Digital Domain, Whitemoon Dreams and Bertone Visuals. Since 2015 he's worked at Naughty Dog. His credits include “The Last of Us: Part 2”, "Uncharted Lost Legacy", "Uncharted 4," "Star Wars: the Old Republic," and "War Machine: Tactics", "Batman Arkham Origins" and "The Bureau: Xcom Declassified".


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