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Tim Coleman

Character Technical Supervisor

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Over twenty years experience in VFX

Tim Coleman is an accomplished character setup artist with over 20 years of experience in the fields of visual effects, feature animation and VR. With over 15 major motion pictures under his belt, his focus has centered on bringing digital characters and creatures to life. Over his career he’s worked at several highly renowned studios including Industrial Light & Magic, Tippett Studio and Sony Pictures Imageworks. From The Amazing Spiderman swinging from his web to Optimus Prime transforming from truck to robot in Transformers, Tim has been involved in the realization of numerous high profile digital characters.

Tim has also supervised teams of character setup artists on projects including Hotel Transylvania, Angry Birds and Edge of Tomorrow at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Recently Tim has come off rigging characters for two VR projects, “Grace” from MacInnes-Scott and the Oscar-nominated animated short “Pearl”. Tim currently works at Magic Leap as Character Technical Supervisor in Florida where he’s taken a deep dive into content creation in the new realm of “mixed reality”.


Tim Coleman is the best instructor I had so far at CGMA. Actually he is something more than just an instructor. He is a mentor.


Tim is easily the best online instructor I’ve had. Maybe even the best teacher I’ve ever had. He is knowledgeable, patient, thorough in his explanations and takes an interest in the students.


is an amazing teacher, and I’m so glad I took this class. He does a fantastic job of explaining Python, which is something I’ve struggled with in the past.


Extremely quick and thoughtful in his responses to forum and QA questions. Almost invariably going beyond the scope of each question to give further insight.


He has a very upbeat personality and a strong understanding of the inner-workings of mechanical rigging. He went the extra mile for us by providing us with a treasure trove of knowledge and resources for improving student workflow, giving students who strive to learn valuable insight in their pursuits for growth.