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Christian Bull

Creature Supervisor and Director

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A master sculptor capturing likeness.

Christian is a creature supervisor, concept artist, and fine artist, with 15 years of experience working in TV, games, and film production. He has been a supervisor and an anatomy instructor at many companies of different sizes, including Double Negative, Cinesite, and Axis Animation. He is now owner and director of Screenclay FX, a company specialised in creature design and production, as well as VFX and fine art education. He also teaches clay sculpture, ecorche, and anatomy at the Barcelona Academy of Art.


Christian was outstanding. My knowledge gained during this class has multiplied tenfold without a doubt. Christian helped me to understand the human form rather than memorizing shapes and hoping that it turns into a human model.


Great teacher who always gives the best for his students to learn anatomy and design.


Christian is a great teacher who knows how to enhance every student’s skills regardless of their level.


I’ve had the privilege to learn from multiple instructors the last 2 years or so, and I’ve learned that just because someone is a great artist doesn’t necessarily mean they will be great INSTRUCTORS. Christian is the rare exception of being great at both, and it was definitely an honor to be part of the course!


Christian is awesome—he really knows his stuff. I thought he was going to be a bit academic at first, but he has a hysterical sense of humor that occasionally comes through!


Christian was a great instructor, who cared about his students, and wanted them to do well. His level of explanation and the depth he could go into was fantastic and really gave me a deeper understanding of human anatomy. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to partake in a course like it and be taught by someone as talented as Christian.


Christian is an awesome instructor. Very informative and helpful. Always encouraged us to use the forums and such as well and be a class rather than just being individual students.