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Clinton Crumpler

Art Director / Studio Head

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"Never stop learning."

Clinton is the founder, studio head and creative director of Dekogon Studios, an artist collaborative art OS studio. Formerly a senior look development artist at Microsoft Studios: The Coalition located in Vancouver, BC, working on the Gears of War franchise. He has also previously work an artist at Bethesda Game Studios Austin, KIXEYE, Army Game Studio, and various other contract projects with independent studios. Clinton’s primary focuses are art direction, environment art, shaders, and visual development. His experiences range from AAA, Indie, and mobile development. In 2016 he released a textbook with Sam's Publishing with a focus on game art development for Unreal engine.


I really like Clinton’s style of teaching. He explains any topic in a way that’s very accessible and detailed. I would love to have gone through another course with such a great teacher.


Clinton was a great instructor providing excellent feedback great tips and techniques. He also provided extra material relating to each week’s theme or area. This adds more value to course, providing tutorials and documents to continue study.


Clinton is amazing; I would absolutely take another class with him in a second. Very personable and active in the forums, great with specific feedback examples, and he clearly knows his technical stuff.


He was great. Love that he found documentations on each subject that we were learning to help us further our education.


He was really clear during the lectures and has incredible patience. Never received late a feedback or email. Definitely an incredible teacher and artist!


Clinton is a very good teacher. He explains things well and is easy to understand. He went above and beyond the class material and explained other things too, and answered our questions about the industry.


This course was an amazing experience. Clinton is simply outstanding both in his knowledge and the way he teaches.


Clinton explained all fundamental very clearly and will provide a lot of article links you may need, also the reviews were always on point! Best teacher ever!


Clinton always made sure you understood what he was teaching and would go over anything and everything with you until it clicked without hesitation.


Clinton was so generous in giving everyone constructive criticism and every comment he’s made improved my work.


Great teacher. Really solid directions and explanations around ‘why’ you use the tools your doing as opposed to just outlining general best practices.


Clinton is by far the best teacher I’ve experienced on CGMA so far. He’s kind, patient and very much into detail when answering a question.


Clinton is excellent at explaining answers from a wide range of questions; from very intricate and complex as well as for someone brand new. He’s also very patient, supportive, and I can tell that he very much enjoys what he teaches!