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Anne Pogoda

Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist

Trung Le

I love it whenever Anne shows her work, progress, thoughts, and techniques. I think that’s the single most valuable insight to be able to see how professional artists paint.

Danny Mooney

Really enjoyed Anne’s Q&A and her sense of humor. She gave great feedback that helped us and it was never condescending—it always came from a place of encouragement.

Jessica Bommer

Really thinks about suggestions for individual students to help them get to the next stage wherever they are. Never makes us feel stupid or lazy just because we’re not professionals yet!

Angie Ngie

Anne went out of her way to provide me with extra content to help me out with many questions that I had. She really devotes the time and effort required, to make sure her students can learn as much as possible. I am very grateful to have had such a dedicated instructor.

Yusuf Ozuysal

Anne was very resourceful and inspirational in all interactions. This was definitely a game-changing experience for me.

Sascha Sarkar

Great introduction to painting in photoshop.

Sarah Rivera

She’s great about answering questions! Even going so far as to create new videos if we all needed more instruction.

Jannes Lauwers

She was always eager to find out what we wanted to know more about so she could incorporate it in her lessons.

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