Hugh Trombley

Hugh Trombley

Material Prop Artist


Hugh is currently working as a Material Prop Artist at Sanzaru Games a Facebook/Oculus VR Studio in the California Bay Area, USA. He has worked on numerous environments on various AAA productions and projects for over 5-years. He’s worked on titles such as Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and two VR titles for Sanzaru Games; Marvel: Powers United and Asgard’s Wrath. His work has been featured on the homepage & Polycount.

  • Zeth Wilson

    I became a lot more confident and fluent with the material editor in unreal. The fundamentals were made clear to me and I’m glad I took the course. Hugh was very helpful and responsive to questions.

  • Sudhir Trivedi

    By answering my questions mostly. ^^ Also, since Hugh have experience in the field, he can say why he’s doing something, good practices, gotchas, ect. It was also an amazing introduction to PBR.

  • Jean-François Bercier

    My knowledge definately improved after this course in material and shading part. I really liked the way Hugh explain every material nodes process.

  • Radoslaw Karbowski

    I know much more about shaders than before. I am not afraid of making one like I was before. He (Hugh) is a great professional.