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Hugh Trombley

Material Artist

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Hugh is currently working as a Material Artist at Playstation Studios Visual Arts, a Sony Playstation team dedicated to developing and supporting First Party studios across the Playstation Studio network. He has worked on numerous environments on various AAA productions and projects for over 7-years. He's worked on titles such as Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part 1,Infinity Ward's Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and three VR titles for Sanzaru Games; Marvel: Powers United and Asgard's Wrath and Asgard's Wrath II. His work has been featured on the 80.lv homepage & Polycount


Shading and Material Creation in Unreal Engine

Unreal 5 Modular Environments


I became a lot more confident and fluent with the material editor in unreal. The fundamentals were made clear to me and I’m glad I took the course. Hugh was very helpful and responsive to questions.


By answering my questions mostly. ^^ Also, since Hugh have experience in the field, he can say why he’s doing something, good practices, gotchas, ect. It was also an amazing introduction to PBR.


My knowledge definately improved after this course in material and shading part. I really liked the way Hugh explain every material nodes process.


I know much more about shaders than before. I am not afraid of making one like I was before. He (Hugh) is a great professional.