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Isaak Lien

Art Director and Concept Artist

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Isaak Lien currently works at Jam City as an Art Director and Concept Artist. He has been in the mobile game industry for 9+ years working on 2D concept and production art, visual development, UI design, and art leading at mobile game companies and studios such as Jam City, Kiwi, Ogmento, Kung Fu Factory, Mega Rock, Rising High Studio, etc. Some of the mobile game titles he worked on include Jam City’s top 20 grossing games, "Cookie Jam", Mega Rock’s Top 10 free games, "A Bike Race of Ninja Temple", Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob Moves In", and Konami’s "Slot Revolution".

Aside from having worked in the mobile game industry, he has been an illustrator for a storybook, founder, creative director, and designer of his own plush toy brand (Panda Yeah), creative director and artist for his own unregistered mobile game company(Orange Fun Games), visual arts teacher and tutor at various places. Although he currently works as an art lead, his passion for creating and teaching visual arts will continue to take center stage in his art journey!


Mobile Game Art 1: Buildings and Props