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Edward Ferrysienanda

Lead FX TD

instructor profiles Edward Ferrysienanda

Instructor overview

Edward is currently a Lead FX TD at Framestore London. Having worked in some of the biggest VFX houses such as Double Negative and MPC, Edward brings years of production experience and expert knowledge to the table. He has worked on a wide variety of exciting projects such as the Oscar-Winning “The Jungle Book”, "Suicide Squad", "Thor: Ragnarok", "Alita Battle Angel", "The Mandalorian", and many more. Edward is most well-known for his water/fluid effects work. He has an in-depth understanding of tool development, production workflow, and water creation techniques in Houdini. He also has a demonstrated history of delivering consistent, high-quality visuals for movies and visual effects. Edward is excited to share his technical knowledge as well as cultivating independent problem-solving skills and production-ready qualities essential to any successful VFX Artist.


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