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Aaron Wolford

Hard Surface Artist

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Aaron is a Hard Surface Artist, currently, working at DICE LA in Los Angeles, CA. Getting his break in the video games industry at Ryzin Art where he spent 4 years growing as an artist, he has had the privilege of working on multiple Call of Duty titles as well as Rage and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He attributes his knowledge and growth to working alongside other talented professionals in the industry. One of his other passions is sharing his knowledge and helping others break into the video games industry.


Aaron was amazing and really helped me gain a deeper understanding of the material taught. He always went above and beyond to answer questions, providing long detailed feedback videos and often staying late on Q&A nights.


Aaron is great! His feedback videos were constructive, helpful and he was always willing to answer any question for us in the Q&A


Aaron is an AMAZING instructor. Goes for all the pressing issues each student has right away and ensures that it doesn’t come across in a away that demoralizes the students. It personally made me want to do better, and the way he answers QAs and gives feedback is representative of that.


He was understanding when I could submit and he ways tried his best to help where he could and tried to make things easier and more efficient over so helpful and a really nice guy