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Naky Solanki

Lead Character Artist

instructor profiles Naky Solanki

Instructor overview

Nakshatra a.k.a. Naky, started as freelance artist making collectibles when he was 17. Soon after, he got his first on site job at the age of 19 at Little Red Zombies where he became Character Artist for games. Today after industry experience of over 6 years he has worked on almost every title at LRZ like Sniper 3, Strange Brigade, Overkill's The Walking Dead, CONTROL, Ghost of Tushuima etc. During his professional career he also developed a taste for creating realtime hair. Today after going through several iterations, he has come up with a pipeline that yields high quality and optimal realtime hair results. This has been noticed by several AAA clients among the game industry and he is working with handful of them. Using mixture of traditional and modern techniques has benefited the overall department of realtime alpha card hairs. He is also working on pushing hair creation for Next-generation games!


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