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Shane Canning

Senior Level Designer

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Shane Canning is a Senior Level Designers and has been working in the AAA Game industry for 14 years. He spent 8 years at Disney Interactive, where he had the opportunity to help create Disney Infinity and shipped 7 titles there. Afterwards, he spent over 3 years working at Insomniac Games where he shipped Marvel's Spider-Man and worked on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. After Insomniac Games Shane spent two years at Square Enix Japan working on an unannounced title. Shane is currently creating a new IP with Ikumi Nakamura at her new studio UNSEEN


Level Design for Games


Shane was fantastic, a great instructor and extremely helpful answer questions and just about anything level design related.


Shane was a great instructor. He really did a great job explaining things about level design that wasn’t tackled in the lectures. Also really gave lots of practical tips.