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Hueala Teodor

Concept Artist and Illustrator

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Instructor overview

Crafting distinctive and stunning designs

Hueala Teodor was born and raised in Romania where he studied graphics at the Fine Arts University. His career started in the mobile game industry in 2012, doing freelance until 2013 when he got his first in-house job at a mobile game company. During this time period, he worked on various projects including board games, comics, and doing gallery presentation shows. In 2016 he switched from mobile games to the AAA games industry by joining Ubisoft. Since then, he has worked with multiple top-tier studios, including Blackletter Games, Volta, Blur, Epic Games, Riot, and PsyOp LA. He currently owns a small outsource studio in Bucharest called Arthogs Studio which collaborates with studios around the world.


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