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Simeon Schaffner

Concept Artist / Illustrator

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Simeon is a concept artist and illustrator based in Switzerland. Specializing in environment-design, he has worked on games such as The Last of Us: Part 2, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the Call of Duty series as well as various tv-series and indie-games alike. With the goal of making useful images for any given project, his distinctive approach to art and design allows him to craft locations that feel rich and alive while at the same time deliver thoughtful designs to the client. Aside from work Simeon can always be found sketching and painting outdoors with friends, combining his passion for nature and visual communication.


Environment Concept Design


I really like Simeon’s enthusiasm in the feedbacks, which makes me wanna push further!


Simeon was exceptional! He gave us good, piercing critique, yet maintained an optimism and a positivity that motivated me to work hard. I felt like I didn’t want to disappoint him, which pushed me to put more into each painting that I did.