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Stefan Hansson

Senior Concept Artist and Illustrator

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Instructor overview

"Never stop learning"

Stefan is a senior concept artist and illustrator with a strong focus on character design and he excels at drawing and painting stylized characters and animals. He has worked as a concept artist in entertainment industry for over 10 years, primarily working with video games and since he started freelancing in 2015 he has been working with a wide range of clients. Most recently, he had the privilege of working at SPA Animation Studios in Madrid, Spain as Lead Lighting Artist on the animated movie Klaus for Netflix. As a mostly self-taught artist Stefan continually allocates a big part of his time improving his painting, drawing and design skills. Besides working as a production artist, Stefan spends his time painting traditionally with oils. More specifically, he takes a big interest in plein air painting. Stefan lives in Stockholm, Sweden and is currently freelancing for a variety of different clients whilst trying to balance freelancing, personal projects and his family life with his wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs.


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