Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan

Character Animator/ Animation Coach


Raised on a diet of cartoons, video games, and movies, it only made sense that Michael would one day become an Animator. It wasn’t until his teens that Michael realized Animation was an arena he could actually have a career in.

After spending years studying Graphic design and MultiMedia, Michael graduated from DeMontfort University in 2000 and became a professional Animator traveling around the world working in Video games, TV/ Commercials, and VFX Films.

Working on such projects as ‘Star Wars’ the Clone Wars, animated TV series to Disney Marvels ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Venom’ and many more. Not only is Michael an industry professional Animator, but he is also an Animation Coach. Having mentored in colleges, universities, and animation studios for over 10 years Michael knows how to teach industry practices to students effectively. Enjoy learning with Michael as he helps take your animation knowledge to another level.