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Lukas Niklaus

Senior Animator

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Lukas Niklaus grew up in the small town of Uffikon in Switzerland. After an apprenticeship as a Typographer/Graphic Designer he found his true passion, CGI, and was hooked right away! He started learning on his own and took courses both in person or online. After completing his studies with Animation Mentor he traveled to California to attend their graduation ceremony. As luck and preparation would have it, he met a recruiter from Pixomondo who invited him to join their newly formed studio in Toronto and this became the start of his career. This beginning later led him to Montreal and eventually to beautiful New Zealand.

Lukas has animated at some of the top visual effects houses like Weta Digital, ILM, Animal Logic, Framestore, MPC and other studios and contributed to several Oscar winning or nominated movies. Most recently he has joined a small startup called Lost Cosmonauts located in Wellington, New Zealand.


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