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Sean Ian Runnels

Lead Prop Artist

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Sean Ian is currently the Lead Prop Artist with Turtle Rock Studios in Irvine, CA. He started his career in 2012 and has developed for a variety of titles such as Back 4 Blood, Days Gone, Lone Echo, Armored Warfare, Star Citizen and many more. He has developed for both PC and console titles, and has extensive knowledge of the Unreal Engine and modern game art pipelines. He also takes pride in learning new software and adapting his workflow towards the latest industry practices. His primary focus has been on content creation for gameplay props, cinematics, and environment art.


Sean Ian Runnels is an extremely competent game artist and very prompt and descriptive with his help and feedback. I think he is doing his utmost as an instructor and all that is required of one.


Sean was very good with answering both technical, artistic, and profession centered questions