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Ricardo Lima

Freelance Concept Artist

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Ricardo Lima is a concept artist and illustrator working for the entertainment industry. He graduated in Drawing by the Academy of Fine Arts in Lisbon, and later went to Singapore were he studied at Feng Zhu School of Design. After finishing his studies, Ricardo went back to Portugal and started freelancing. Most recently he worked with Eidos Montreal for the title "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" and he is now part of One Pixel Brush team.


Ricardo is one of the few rare brilliant professional instructors who has such an excellent eye and gives so much to you. His critiques are always on point and he is also tremendously kind and so humble. This in turn made me feel really inspired and encourages me to try my best every class.

Jane S. Kim

Ricardo is an amazing teacher and I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested on breaking into the movie industry. I enjoyed it a lot!


Ricardo is very knowledgeable and a great artist. He inspires to grow and learn new techniques and addresses issues artists face (Perfection vs. Efficiency)in the industry which is very important.


Ricardo has been an exceptional teacher, who genuinely cares about each student and their progression. His calm and humble teaching style and consistent professionalism has kept me feeling supported through a demanding course.


He helped me a lot to be more confident, to work methodically and with a specific purpose. Always available with great constructive feedback, excellent teacher!