Anthony Christov

Anthony Christov

Art Director


"I want my grandchildren one day to really enjoy the films we are making."

Anthony Christov has been an industry professional for over 30 years. Starting at Disney on “Rescuers Down Under”, working on various projects through the 1990s, his career culminated with art directing for Pixar for the last 18 years. Anthony has art directing credits on films like “Finding Nemo”, “Wall-E”, and “Incredibles II,” as well as countless legacy shorts and roles on many of the well-known Pixar hits. Through the years, he has witnessed the industry change and evolve with technology, and as such he brings invaluable experience and perspective to the students at CGMA.

  • Kimberly Halm

    It was a lot of fun. The live sessions were the most useful part to me in the course and I always looked forward to them.