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Jonathan Hoekstra

Concept Artist Generalist

Zamir Orpaz

One of the best instructors I had so far, really learned a lot from him

Jaylynn Cuevas

Jonathan was absolutely lovely and his somewhat laid back but thorough approach to helping us with feedback was awesome!

Jonah Warnock

Very fun person to learn from, he made classes interesting and kept things interesting without taking away from the lessons.

Chadwick W

Great instructor. Really cares about sharing knowledge and the success of the students. Would love to take another class with him.

Tom Moore

Jonathan is a fantastic instructor. He is very generous with sharing knowledge. He gives great feedback and provided us with some very useful demos.

Abigail Whitnall

Incredible mentor and pushed the students to do better. I feel the honesty was what I needed to improve my skills.

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