Jose Antonio Martin Martin

Jose Antonio Martin Martin

Character TD / Rigger


Jose Antonio Martin Martin is a software engineer from Spain who has been working as a character TD / rigger in the VFX industry for the last 8+ years. He has worked for studios such as Framestore, MPC, DNEG and is currently working at ILM. During his career he has worked on many blockbuster projects including Gravity, Terminator Genisys, Suicide Squad, Ghost in the Shell, and Venom.

  • Sawyer Brawley

    Jose is such an amazing instructor! He explains things thoroughly so that even a beginner like my self can follow along with success!!!

  • Daniel Lizzama

    The Instructor was extremely patient and supportive. He is obviously highly qualified.

  • Anders Dick

    Very professional; I didn’t have any questions, that he wouldn’t / couldn’t answer. Gave his perspective on matters / ways to do things and how he would or had done it before. Gave feedback on demo reel and what would be nice to update & put in there.

  • Mert Oner

    He was very responsive and definitely encouraged everyone to learn more and search more to have a deep understanding of the topics.

  • Elina Sievänen

    Jose was very gentle in his critiques and has a vast knowledge on the subject. I also appreciate the fact that he didn’t cut his mistakes out from the lectures and showed the debugging process, as it’s really important part of rigging.