Peyton Varney

Peyton Varney

Environment Texture Artist


Peyton Varney is an Environment Texture Artist from South Alabama, currently working at Naughty Dog on The Last of Us Part 2. Previously, he worked on Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 at Insomniac Games. Peyton received his BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design, and also taught prospective students 3D fundamentals and game design. He was featured as the “Rookie of the Year” for Game Development in 2018.

  • Wesley Barreira

    The teacher was attentive and showed full capacity with the tools and pipeline. He was always happy and willing to share materials beyond the course.

  • Sarah McDowell

    Peyton was an excellent instructor. Always gave good feedback and tried to help promote creative thinking and problem solving.

  • Jozsef Farkas

    Peyton was fantastic and really helped us all develop!

  • Neil Mahmood

    Peyton was great, clear and concise with his comments.

  • Diana Munteanu

    Peyton is great and knows a lot, also very friendly and always knows how to fix a problem.

  • Patricia Escribano Bourgoin

    Peyton is always very helpful when I run into a problem, he answers emails and always addresses my questions in Q&A.

  • Murray Blue

    Peyton was really helpful and understanding of the different levels of artist in the class.

  • Jaikumar Gurubaran

    It’s a pleasure to have Peyton as my instructor and he is really awesome at explaining things and highly knowledgeable.