Saurabh Jethani

Saurabh Jethani

Character Artist for Games


Saurabh Jethani is just a guy who loves video games and the art of making characters for them. He moved to Vancouver to study more about the industry and the tools. Joined a local studio after and has been making characters for a cool unannounced title. He is always trying to improve himself as an artist with every passing day, while keeping himself updated with the next gen video game pipeline.

Bill Robinson
  • George Hayden

    Saurabh has done an amazing job for me and all the other students in his class. Everything was made with so much correct and useful information. Course lectures were clear and the schedule was perfectly covered. Can’t describe how grateful I am to have taken this class with him.

  • Javier Osés

    Saurabh is a really, really good teacher that shows passion and knowledge.

  • Johnathan Boorman

    It was actually really helpful to see Saurabh demonstrate mistakes and then correct himself during his videos. It helped me to realize things I should avoid but also made him relatable.

  • Nicolas Rosenthal

    Very knowledgeable and engaging.

  • Stephen Ytuarte

    “>Saurabh is a really good instructor, I would take another class of his in a heartbeat. It’s his genuine love of learning different methods and citing sources that i like the most.You can tell hes going out and finding the best answers and sharing everything he’s picked up.