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Brent Noll

Animation Production Artist

Jonathan Dockal

Brent is very encouraging and committed to his students. One of the best instructors I’ve had at CGMA.

Mike Patten

Brent used his own experiences and industry know-how to help us further our craft. All his critiques were thorough and on time. I only wish I had taken the course at a less busy time in my own life so I could spend more time on my assignments.

Isabella Santiso-Murray

Absolutely amazing teacher!! I couldn’t have asked for a better class!

Richard Le

Brent is a great instructor. His feedback was always great and well thought out.

Maureen Catillaz

Brent was great; he went above and beyond to teach us about the industry. He has a great ease at motivating and communicating with his students.

Khang Nguyen

Brent is the best, his knowledge in modern 2D Flash Animation is up-to-date to the industry standard. Brent’s techniques and tips are the most valuable of the course. They are valid even to artists who are already working in the industry.

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