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Brent Noll

Animation Production Artist

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"Animation is problem solving."

Night owl and coffee enthusiast, Brent Noll is an Animation Production artist based in Burbank California, and is currently a designer on Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Brent's passion is animation, and his short films have been featured in numerous festivals such as Loopdeloop, Audfest, Austin Spotlight, Asifa-South, and The Los Angeles Animation Festival. Brent is also co creator of BAM Animation! a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching young cartoonists how to draw. Although a native of San Antonio. Brent escaped the harsh Texas climate in 2013 to forge a successful animation career in Los Angeles, working for many studios including, DisneyTVA, Dreamworks Television, ShadowMachine, BentoBox, and Starburns Industries.



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