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Pat Marconett

Layout / Background Designer

Taylor Scott

I personally do NOT like drawing backgrounds or environments AT ALL and this instructor made learning this very informative and enjoyable.

Barbara Hvidt

Dedicated and generous. Sympathetic and easy to talk to during the live QnA sessions. Very skilled and professional.

Julian Scalia

Pat really made the course useful. He was always there to answer questions posted to the forum message board and gave very useful advice.

Azalil Aizat

Fantastic job on homework feedback! I find that his comments and criticism constructive and easily understandable.

Alexandra Baker

As a student of your Perspective class, I can only say one thing: your teaching style is great! I have autism and I’m only 18, and the way you teach is easy for me to follow. The way you explain the concepts shown in the class makes so much sense, and it helps me to take detailed notes of everything that’s talked about. It’s turned my sketchbook into equal parts sketchbook and notebook. Thank you for being such a great teacher.

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