Gael Kerchenbaum

Gael Kerchenbaum

Creature Artist


Bringing creatures to life for film

Gael Kerchenbaum is a Freelance Creature Artist. Early in his life, creatures like King Kong, Godzilla and dragons inspired him and bring him to the world of VFX. Gael decided to dedicate his career to understand the mechanism behind animal anatomy. He worked at MPC, where he was part of the team who gave birth to the animals of Jungle Book. Then he became a freelancer and worked for many studios like Bacon Picture, Noemotion, Capsule Studio… Gael is currently working as a Creature Artist for Axis Animation on unannounced cinematic projects.

  • Nicole Jackson

    The instructor was fantastic and I absolutely loved his class!

  • Michka Mouret

    Best instructor ever!

  • Khaldoun Jreisat

    Amazing, phenomenal instructor. This is the best CGMA fundamentals course, and I believe it is the single most important for 3D Character Artists.

  • Diego Rodriguez

    Gael is a great teacher, he explained his workflow in great detail and provided even more information in the Q&A sessions. He also encouraged us to help each other, creating a great rapport between the students. I really enjoyed the course.

  • Jesse Pruitt

    Gael was knowledgeable and passionate about anatomy, and conveyed that knowledge clearly at an appropriate level.