Adam Swaab

Adam Swaab

Creative Director


Specializing in projects seamlessly integrating live-action, design, and visual effects.

Adam Swaab is a VFX Artist and Creative Director, working in film, television, and commercials since 2001. His work blends traditional visual fx with live-action and motion graphics. As a VFX artist, some of his feature film credits include Tron Legacy, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and Pan. He has directed commercial projects for brands such as Apple, Nike, and Honda. He’s been using Houdini as part of his daily toolset since 2011 and has been part of the online teaching community since 2013.

  • James Tupper

    Adam is an incredible teacher and this course far exceeded my expectations. I really appreciate his ability to teach a technical subject while keeping us engaged / grounded in the high-level theory behind it all.

  • Brad Fotsch

    Adam is a top notch instructor. He is an expert Houdini user and really put in the effort to help us find our own creative voices.