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Marco Bucci


Allan Boulogne

AMAZING instructor. Amazing class. After two years at some art college, he taught me more than I ever would have in the other college. You guys honestly have a keeper here. Best instructor for color and light I’ve had. He knows his stuff!

James Pickard

This was the best course I have done at CGMA. Marco is clearly passionate about both art and teaching and this is infectious. He takes a huge amount of interest in students and goes above and beyond when providing detailed feedback and responding to WIP requests on the class forum.

Daniel Voight

Marco is an incredible artist and a devout and highly capable instructor. I was immersed and fulfilled throughout the course and all of its material.

Billy Yong

Marco has been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He’s made color and light a really fun subject. Couldn’t recommend him enough. Thanks Marco!

Minnie Zhou

In terms of art teachers in general, Marco is probably the best I have ever had. His enthusiasm and detailed analogies to describe one topic in multiple different ways so that everyone could understand is really motivational and inspiring!

Lily Nishita

Excellent instructor. I’ve had a lot of trouble understanding this topic in university classes and was shaky on the subject before I started the class. After finishing I feel confident in both color/light and also just starting any painting in general (mega bonus!).

Philip Hogg

Marco Bucci is a good instructor and provides clear insight during individual critiques as well.

Andrew Macaruso

Marco made great suggestions on how to improve my work and recommended great artists for my particular style and content.

Farah Mérand

This class has a really good presentation: there are a lot of examples and lecture notes that help us to understand the concepts. I really enjoyed this class. The instructor always gave feedback and answers promptly. It was really easy to communicate with him!

Yue Xu

Lecture videos by Marco Bucci are very good, clear and professional.

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