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Mauricio Abril

Art Director and Concept Artist

Sebastian Posada

Mauricio was awesome! He really engaged with us and answered every question that was asked – pretty amazing!

James Pickard

Really good mentorship and instruction from Mauricio.

Anouk Perusse-Bell

The instructor is clearly passionate about his profession and he demonstrated his enthusiasm throughout the assignments. He always managed to bring the best points in any of the students’ work. Improving them but preserving the student’s initial idea.


Marco was a great instructor and gave us feedback live during the Q&A which I enjoyed a lot, giving me a chance to ask questions on the spot about my specific piece during critique. He demonstrated alternate techniques for 3D problem solving that were not covered in the curriculum so I feel like I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth for the class.


I could address all the fields I wanted to improve in and Mau also opened my eyes to some crucial points I wasn’t aware of


Mau took a lot time for each student and really addressed the situation and point at where each student was.

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