Gilles Beloeil

Gilles Beloeil

Senior Concept Artist


"When I’m inspired, I feel a sense of admiration and happiness."

Gilles has been a Senior Concept Artist at Ubisoft Montreal since 2007. He has spent most of his time working on the Assassin’s Creed games since 2008. Gilles also has work published in books such as “Digital Art Masters” (vol.7, 8, 9) and is a co-author of the book “Art Fundamentals” (3D Total).

  • Anna Orlova

    Gilles is wonderful instructor and artist.

  • Michael Mills

    Good guy Gilles, showed me a few new tricks and was very encouraging.

  • Peter Millar

    He was very professional and free with his knowledge.

  • Chris Lindstrom

    Great instructor, provided lots of useful and clear feedback on assignments and very informative Q&As.

  • Allan Boulogne

    Gilles was a fantastic instructor and I’m really glad I got to have him as a mentor. He cares about the students, answered every question to the best of his ability at each Q&A. Awesome guy.

  • Henri Woon-Am

    Gilles provides very clear and helpful feedbacks, directly pointing out how and why your work should be changed, and how your art would be overall improved in the end. His expertise in environment painting, coupled with his professional but also laid-back behavior, makes the Q&As really enjoyable and informative.

  • Ryan Boye

    I can’t recommend Gilles Beloeil enough. Very thorough, and cares a lot about the students.