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Miki Montllo

Comic and Concept Artist

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Noted for his stylized characters and compositions.

Originally from Barcelona, Miki studied at Joso School, where he taught color and photoshop for three years. He spent a few years working on storyboards for TV advertisements, designing characters and backgrounds for videogames and animation, and doing concepts for feature films. He then moved to Ireland to work at Cartoon Saloon animation studios and also started to work on his comic book Warship Jolly Roger. For a year plus he lived in Berlin and continued work on his comic book series. He is now back in Barcelona, currently working on the third book. His comics are being translated to several languages and he keeps collaborating with animation studios such as Laika, in the USA.


Comics: The Art of Storytelling


Miki is a great artist and teacher, he is very diligent when critiquing students’ works. I also felt that his classes were fun and enjoyable to be a part of, even though there was a lot of work to be done on each assignment, every week felt light and easy to follow.


An incredibly knowledgeable and engaging teacher. He is not only an impressive Artist in his own right, but more importantly possesses just as much talent and passion for sharing his vast knowledge.


The best was the in-depth critiques and all the involvement displayed during Q&As, not only demoing but answering all the questions during them.


Could never have imagined Miki would be such a present and engaging teacher. All his feedback was extremely helpful and the Q&A was always insightful.


I thought his approach from an animation angle was interesting and much more thorough than a typical comic artist. I’ve worked in both industries for Marvel and a lot of the big animation studies and thought he was a top notch instructor, comparing him to industry practices and the classes they hold at TAG, the Animation union. I would recommend Miki and the CGMA classes to anyone, including top professionals who want to brush up their skills or explore something new.


This class was incredible. The curriculum Miki has prepared went above and beyond what I was expecting. I will be recommending this class to everyone I know!