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Shannon Beaumont


Eric Ng

Awesome instructor! She’s really nice and even takes the extra time to post additional resources. Also quite patient and understanding.

Cody Rose

Very knowledgeable of the content taught within the class. Great at clearly conveying ideas and concepts to the students, even without direct contact or interaction during the lectures.

Antonio Díaz

Shannon is a wonderful person and teacher. Her love for her craft does nothing but inspire to be better and I will ALWAYS be thankful to her for that!

Karim Oyarzabal

Shannon is very caring, precise, detailed.

Christian Bunyan

Shannon is a fantastic instructor. Best I’ve seen at CGMA!

Tyler Bourne

Shannon goes above and beyond. She visibly puts more time, effort and energy into each student’s work and critique than anyone else. Her critique and QAs are always lengthy (in a good way), she explains things in simple terms, and she is constantly sharing resources, whether on the forums or in the QAs or your critiques. Her caring and commitment to her students shows through in all she does.

Ian Froud

Very enthusiastic and engaging. Listening to her lectures and her live Q&A was always a pleasure.

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