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Scott Caple

Production Designer

Noora Makinen

Critique was always on time. He explained things very clearly and made me see errors in my works that I wouldn’t have been able to spot on my own. He was always nice and encouraging with the feedback, even if there was some flaws and stuff to be fixed.

Hilary Lile Hazel

Scott gives great critiques and went over more technical perspective issues case-by-case in the assignments and Q&As.

Cody Rose

Very knowledgeable about the content taught within the class. Great at clearly conveying ideas and concepts to the students.

Camille Tugade

He goes above and beyond for the convenience of his students, and he truly cares about their development during the term.

Mika Tanagi

Really nice guy. His critique videos were always double the length of the videos in my other CGMA classes because he goes for quite a while on certain aspects of my assignment and the perspective, which is what I wanted to hear. It was awesome getting feedback from him!


The instructor has a lot of knowledge and is eager to share it with us. For each topic he gathered a lot of examples, which was always very interesting to see. I appreciate him diving into the details of several pieces we analyzed, and always breaking things apart to explain them. Also, he always encouraged and answered our questions and I’m glad that during the feedbacks we got comments on both what’s well done and what could be improved.

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