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IP Development for Production

A 10-week course guiding you through how to develop and pitch a compelling and visually cohesive world.

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Create the world you believe in

This class is designed to help students create a compelling presentation of their story with visually striking images. Over the course of 10 weeks, students will be guided through the creation of a pitch package so that they can showcase their ability to come up with a suitable design language for a story and carry that across the different aspects of creating a visually cohesive world. While we’ll be covering the principles of character, prop, environment and key frame design, students will be encouraged to use work they have created prior to the course and polish an IP they've already started to build. The goal is to create a final presentation of the development of the heroes, villains, the world they live in and the adventures they experience. Throughout the course students will gain feedback from the art directors and senior artists of Pixoloid studios (currently: Mark Molnar, Gaspar Gombos, David Metzger, Janos Gardos). PLEASE NOTE: Students can bring to the course already developed assets and designs (can be work in progress), such as characters and environments. These design can form the starting point of their IP development in case they would like to use their own story treatment. Additionally, this course will be available in its first term at the introductory price of $799.


Course Format:   Standard
Lecture Type:   Pre-recorded
Feedback:   Individual recordings
Duration:   10 weeks
Assignment:   Due each week. Expect to spend 8-10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and time on assignments.
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   Photoshop (for digital painting and concept work), Acrobat (for preparing the presentation). The use of other painting, modeling, sculpting and rendering softwares are optional during the course.
Skills level:   Intermediate to Advanced
Prerequisites:   Must have knowledge of character, creature and environment design basics. Working knowledge of Photoshop and Acrobat. Storyboarding, comic or storytelling experience is a plus.

IP Development for Production WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

The more you know, the better.

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Showing how to structure a story based on visual elements through a sample project | Collecting references effectively and putting together presentation moodboards
Thumbnail and silhouette development | Linework and color block-in
Character detailing with various techniques (painting, textures and photos) | Samples for alternative techniques (reference shooting, 3D: ZBrush, Poser, Free online tools) | Iconic poses and presentation
How to design unique, story specific props | Design oriented linework sketching for objects and props | Detailing for presentation
Story map creation based on story | Mapping out main environments and camera placements | Composition thumbnails for main environments
Choosing the best thumbnails for presentation | Color / lighting / mood variations to establish overall palette | Final painting with using additional photos and textures
Rough storyboard of a key sequence
Selecting main story moments / story "beats" | Using already established designs to push the keyframes to the next level
Finalizing keyframes and getting into detailing | Creating a cohesive visual language through all artworks
Preparing all concepts for presentation / fine tuning | Importance of color grading and post production of images | Pitch and presentation document guidelines, format and design

Prepare to meet your master.

Mark Molnar has been creating concepts and illustrations for 12+ years both as in-house artist and as a freelancer, working on projects like the multi-award winning Hellblade, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Hercules, Splinter Cell: Backlist (cinematic), Godzilla and Riddick. After living and working across three continents, he moved back to Hungary to help establish Pixoloid studios - a company specialising in pre-production of the entertainment industry. With his lead the studio has worked on more than 18 films and series including the Netflix original, Love, Death & Robots (The Secret War episode), the six times Emmy Nominated The Alienist series, the British Independent Film Award Nominee: Colette, the hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood and Nat Geo’s popular documentary sci-fi series Mars as well as various game trailers such as the recent trailer for Rainbow Six Siege.


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