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Pixar's Elemental | Concept Art for Upcoming Film and the Role of Visual Development in Animation

Pixar has dropped the concept art for their upcoming film "Elemental," set to release on June 16. Directed by Peter Sohn, the movie follows Ember and Wade in a city where fire, water, land, and air-residents coexist. Inspired by Sohn's childhood in New York, the film explores the commonalities between people from diverse cultures. It imagines a world where the classic elements are alive. After streaming releases during the pandemic, Pixar returns to theaters with "Elemental" on Father's Day weekend.

undefinedConcept art plays a crucial role in the development of an animated Pixar movie. It serves as an initial visual exploration of the film's characters, environments, and overall visual style. The concept artists work closely with the director and production team to create artwork that captures the essence and vision of the story. Concept art helps to establish the look and feel of the film, providing a visual reference for the animators, designers, and other artists involved in the production. It helps to set the tone, mood, and atmosphere of the movie, guiding the artistic direction and ensuring visual consistency throughout.

 Additionally, concept art aids in the storytelling process by visualizing key scenes, characters, and important moments. It helps the filmmakers to visualize and refine their ideas, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with the entire production team.

 Ultimately, concept art is instrumental in shaping the visual identity of a Pixar movie, playing a vital role in guiding the creative process from initial concepts to the final animated film.

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