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Industrial Light & Magic: Brand Reveal

Discover the latest logo and brand presentation from the esteemed studio, Industrial Light & Magic, in this new trailer.

Since its establishment in 1975, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has consistently defined the benchmark for visual effects, crafting breathtaking imagery that has left an indelible mark on the film industry. Pioneering the digital revolution, ILM remains at the forefront of innovation, expanding their expertise beyond visual effects into the realms of virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive entertainment, and virtual production.

Founded by the visionary George Lucas, ILM stands as the preeminent effects facility globally, boasting studios situated in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver, London, and Sydney. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the company caters to the motion picture, television, streaming, commercial production, and attraction sectors. Over the years, ILM has lent its creative prowess to more than 350 feature films, crafting awe-inspiring visual effects that captivate audiences worldwide.

Presently, ILM showcases an exceptional digital effects production pipeline, renowned as one of the most comprehensive and advanced in the entertainment industry. 

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