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Ecumene Aztec: in development for PC

Ecumene Aztec, an upcoming third-person survival action-RPG developed by Giantscraft, has been unveiled. This highly anticipated game is set to release on PC in 2024.

Embark on a captivating journey in Ecumene Aztec as you assume the role of an Aztec warrior determined to defend your Mesoamerican city against the relentless Spanish conquistadors. Giantscraft guarantees an immersive experience with a compelling storyline, RPG elements featuring blood sacrifices, intense combat, stealth mechanics, and intricate crafting systems.

The game bodes three unique character classes (Jaguar Warrior, Eagle Warrior, and Snake Warrior). Ecumene Aztech is truly a unique game that provides PC players with a immersive experience throughout. 

Steam describes it as " The newcomers from another world, whom we thought were gods, turned out to be just a greedy men. Their blasphemous invasion enraged our deities. Now with the help of Huītzilōpōchtli - patron of war, and Quetzalcoatl - the great protector, I will fight off the enemy and free my brothers." 

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