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CGMA Fall Registrations: Now Offering Environment Arts Program

As Fall registration is underway we are proud to present its revamped Programs and a new addition the “Environment Arts Program“. The development of these Programs are in line with our vision of providing quality and affordable mentored education to aspiring artists around the world. Each program has been crafted by industry professionals and recruiters from major studios to ensure a consistency with industry standards and practices. These programs don’t just cater to students, hobbyist and aspiring artists but they also cater to professionals looking to sharpen their skills or develop new ones. Our “Installment Plans” payment option for enrolling and paying for any of their Programs and dozens of course offerings allows students to pay 50% up front (and 50% at a later date), making the courses more accessible to anyone on a budget. Check out our course list for the upcoming Fall term (which starts in a few Weeks). Our courses are offered through 2D Academy, 3D Academy and CG Workshops.   foundation_and_design_program-1024x435

Foundation and Design Program

In order to establish and maintain a career in Entertainment Design, an artist first needs to have a solid understanding of the field’s core principles, tools, and techniques. CGMA’s Foundation & Design Program was created with this understanding at heart. It combines over ten distinct disciplines into a single comprehensive learning experience that will prepare you for our more advanced Character Design Program or Environment Design Program. After completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion for the entire program along with individual certificates for each class. More details. character_design_program-1024x435

Character Design Program

The Character Design Program picks up right where the Foundation & Design Program leaves off. Character design is at the core of any project in entertainment. This ranges from motion pictures and feature animation, to video games and children books. Our program dives deeper into understanding the true nature of the character creation process. Students will be shown how to create convincing character types that also fit believably within a given narrative/world (whether they be stylized characters, realistic looking soldiers, or alien creatures). After completing the Character Design Program you will receive a certificate of completion for the entire program along with individual certificates for each class. More details. environment_design_program-1024x435

Environment Design Program

The Environment Design Program is specifically designed to help prepare you for the role of Environment Concept Artist. Whether for the film, game, or animation industry, an environment artist draws on his/her imagination to create worlds that are believable and full of life and wonder. This program will build on the foundational skills and principles you learned in the Foundation & Design Program. The series will begin easily enough with classes focused on understanding the many different types of environments with courses such as Fundamentals of Architecture Design before really pushing your imagination in more advanced classes such as Environment Design 2 and Matte Painting where you further develop a focused eye on the intricacies of environment design. Finally, after completing the entire program, you will receive a certificate of completion for your achievement. More details. 3d_character_arts_program-1024x435

3D Character Arts Program

It’s exciting to create a character that is going to capture an audience’s imagination for a few hours and allow them to escape into your film or video game.  But, in order to do this, you need to develop strong character models. CG Master Academy’s Character Arts program was developed to give you the production skills you need to build exciting and believable characters for the film and game industries.  Each of the programs’ classes are taught by current industry professionals and will equip you with the skills needed to bring your characters to the next level. On this journey, you will solidify your foundational understanding of human and animal anatomy.  With these strengthened skills, you will create and texture imaginable creatures and characters that adhere to current industry pipelines. More details. 3d_environment_arts_program-1024x435

3D Environment Arts Program

When you immerse yourself into a new video game or film, it is the character’s world that helps to establish a story.  It takes a skilled artist to visually develop this world and tell the audience what is going on before a single word is spoken.  CG Master Academy’s Environment Arts program will give you the knowledge needed to forge one of these story-rich environments.  During the program, you will be guided by current industry professionals in learning programs such as Maya, ZBrush, Substance, and UDK4.  As you go through the program, you will use these tools to master the artistic concepts needed in order to create stunning story driven environments. More details.