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5 Proven Ways to Get a Job as a Digital Artist

Whether you’re a digital artist professional wanting to advance your career, a digital arts student getting ready to graduate, or a hobbyist hoping to turn your passion into a new career, you need to take specific and deliberate actions to get noticed and hired. These five tips for getting a job as a digital artist are being used successfully right now by other digital artists to get noticed by recruiters and potential employers.


1. Showcase your digital art online.

There is a very active digital arts community online of portfolio platform websites like CG Society, ArtStation and forums like Polycount where artists discuss issues, ask for advice, and get to know other artists. If you’re serious about getting a job in the industry, you need to be visible as an active online artist. You never know who may be reviewing your portfolio. You never know when a forum participant might contact you about an job opening months after having a spirited conversation with you about line art techniques.


2. Present a high-quality portfolio.

You need put together a well-constructed, clear portfolio which focuses on quality rather than quantity and is accompanied with a well-written, concise CV (Curriculum Vitae). The CV should contain details about your strengths, accomplishments, and job history (if applicable). Make it as easy as possible for a recruiter or potential employer who has already looked at hundreds of job applications to notice you. If you are called for an interview and the interviewer recognizes your work, you can leave a positive, lasting impression.


3. Network and form relationships with industry professionals.

Breaking into the industry isn't necessarily about being the most talented artist, it's about being in the right place at the right time. The way to find the most opportunities is to be first in the mind of those already working in the industry.


4. Go to the digital firms where you hope to work.

Ask to be hired for a digital arts position in their firm. Ask for feedback on your portfolio. If they are not currently hiring, ask them for the names of other companies that are hiring. Show how sincere and motivated you are to work on their team. Employers appreciate assertiveness and passion in a potential employee.


5. Stay optimistic and never give up!

Being rejected is a fundamental part of job hunting in the digital arts industry. Even if your top choice of companies rejects you, don’t let it discourage you. Instead, keep looking. Get your foot in the door with any digital arts positions and opportunities that come your way. Keep pushing yourself every day because if you never give up, you’ll never lose.

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